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Your North and South Carolina dealer for:

Number #1 in Air Purification for the most Effective Vehicle Diesel Exhaust Removal System. AirMATION® is an Air Cleaner and an Air Purifier removing airborne contaminants and pollutants from your facilities.


Number #1 in Remove Vehicle Diesel Exhaust Fumes, Soot, and Gases in Firehouses, Fire Stations, Fire Departments, EMS Facilities, Ambulance Garages and Fleet Maintenance Facilities.


AirMATION® is the #1 Vehicle Diesel Exhaust Removal Systems. It is a standalone, ceiling suspended air filtration process which removes diesel exhaust soot and gases. AirMATION® is powered by a 3000 CFM Direct Driver Blower that pulls, directs, and removes diesel exhaust fumes, soot, and gases through a highly effective filtration system in meeting Source Capture requirements. The clean, purified air is then recirculated from the unit back into the fire station. Municipal supervised independent testing verifies the elimination of life threatening carcinogenics found in diesel exhaust fumes, soot, and gases making AirMATION® a 100% regulatory compliant.

AirMATION® Remove Diesel Exhaust Fume Systems meets and exceeds OSHA, NFPA, FEMA, NIOSH, EPA, ASHRAE, and CSA Guidelines. 

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